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You can contact me at support at gpsmaster dot nl

GPSMaster.NET ONLY communicates with GARMIN GPS models that support the Garmin Protocol (like the GPSmap 60CSx), in future it MAY communicate with newer Garmin GPS models that present themselves as a Mass Storage Device as well. GPSMaster.NET will NOT, I repeat NOT communicate with any GPS that is NOT a Garmin. So if you bought a fancy GPS watch from brand XYZ and GPSMaster.NET does not communicate with it, do NOT contact me.

Also do NOT contact me about another program called GPS Master (something to do with GPS watches). My program is called GPSMaster.NET. I know NOTHING about this other program and said watches.

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Dec 27, 2015
Category: General
Posted by: Edwin Oude Vrielink
The news module was installed. Exciting. This news article is not using the Summary field and therefore there is no link to read more. But you can click on the news heading to read only this article.